Jem Volunteer Abroad in Belize | Volunteers Abroad Reviews and Feedbacks

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Personal Paragraph (ABV Program Testimonial): This was honestly the best decision i have ever made. It was difficult to start but everything is worth it after seeing the kids smile at you… How happy you make them. Even simply by just being there makes all that difference in their lives. The caregivers there were also amazing, so friendly and down to earth, but of course you have to initiate the conversation but after that they are amazing. This experience had opened my eyes to da developing countries, despite of what the western side of the world looks there is countries out there that are very under developed. Countries that have rich resources but has not been able to be cultivated. The children was the best part of the deal. They are very fun loving kids who really just want and needs love and attention. They all have different stories but at the end of the day they have all this love and dont have much people to share it with. Im thankful that i had the chance to experience their love and it does know NO BOUNDS… They love you unconditionally. That why it was very difficult to leave the kids behind. As i was leaving i felt that i left my heart with the kids. I feel now that I am back in my home country i feel like a stranger. I feel like my heart and home is back wherever those kids are. They were by far the best things that ever happened to me.

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