Catherine Volunteer Abroad in Makuyu Village, Kenya | Volunteers Abroad Reviews and Feedbacks

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This was absolutely the most amazing experience I have ever had. It completely changed the way that I see the world and made me so incredibly grateful for everything that I have. ABV made it very easy to plan for the trip and Sarah was absolutely wonderful about answering any and all questions I had. ABV is a fantastic organization to go through and they help you make priceless connections in other countries. You truly cannot know how much volunteering abroad will change your life until you get out there and do it. The kids at the Orphanage are intelligent, kind, hard workers. They deserve all the love that any volunteers could ever give them. Every morning I would wake up and eat breakfast with the other volunteers. We would then either help with laundry, cleaning, or cooking. One day, we worked on demolishing an old rabbit room in the barn so it could be used for storage. Another day, we worked on the ABV mural. There is always something to do if you are willing to go ask one of the staff members what they need help with. We often used the time while the older children were in school to go into town and buy supplies. A few of the younger kids don’t go to school yet, so they are always around to hang out with, play with, and love on during the day. All in all, this was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to do it again.

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