Sarah Volunteer Abroad in Rwamagana, Rwanda | Volunteers Abroad Reviews and Feedbacks

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My experience in Rwanda was unforgettable. I am very seriously considering moving here after I finish college. My theme for this trip was definitely humility. Whether that was because I was without modern conveniences or getting dirty or even just from needing to ask for help because I didn’t understand things I needed to know in order to be able to successfully live here, it helped me cultivate a Christ-like humility. I have discovered that it is hard to stand out so much from everyone around you but that despite the color of my skin or my hair or my native language, I actually fit in here a lot more than I do in the United States. The love for community and the simplicity and lack of bureaucracy is refreshing. The hardest part about traveling to a different country for the first time is this: you realize its not home and yet after the experience wherever you came from feels less like home also.

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